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Chuí (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; literally: "Hammer") is a Chinese melee weapon that consists of a large, solid metal sphere that, despite popular culture's misguidance, is usually smaller than the user putting their thumbs and index fingers together to form a ring, on the end of a medium-long handle.

This weapon was traditionally used with brute force, as the strength needed to heft such weapons was considerable. As a result, this weapon is not often practiced by kung fu enthusiasts, and newly made replicas may be hollow. However, routines for this weapon still exist in some styles. Chui are almost always used in pairs.

One variation of chui is liuxingchui, which is a smaller pair of chui linked together by a long rope, used as a missile weapon that can be retrieved.

Modern References

  • This weapon is used in the Koei video game Dynasty Warriors by Diao Chan. However, this weapon is only available to her in Dynasty Warriors 1-5, but is referred to as a set of maces. After the 5th installment her main weapon is changed to a Chain Whip.
  • This weapon is used in the manga/anime Ranma ½ by Shampoo. They are at times confused for Bonbori.
  • This weapon is used in the manga/anime Kuroshitsuji by Ranmao, a girl of Lau's opium den.

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