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Charles Christopher Lloyd (born in India, 2 September 1906 – died 31 March 1986) was a British naval historian, who served as Professor of History at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 1962–1966.

Early life and education

The son of E. S. Lloyd CSI, Christopher Lloyd was educated at Marlborough College and Lincoln College, Oxford. In 1938, he married Katherine Brenda Sturge, with whom he had one son and one daughter.

Academic career

In 1930, Lloyd received his first academic appointment at Bishop's University, Quebec, Canada and remained there until 1934, when he was appointed to the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. In 1945, he was appointed lecturer at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, where he rose to be Professor of History from 1962 until his retirement in 1967.

He served as editor of The Mariner's Mirror, the Journal of the Society for Nautical Research from 1970-1979.

Published works

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  • Who Was Who, 1981-1990

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