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Korean name
Chosŏn'gŭl 최창익
Revised Romanization Choe Changik
McCune–Reischauer Ch'oe Ch'angik

Choe Chang-ik (Hangul: 최창익, hanja: 崔昌益, 1896 in Onsong County – 1960[1] in Pyongyang) was a Korean Independence activist, soldier, Social Movements.[2] after name was Choe Chang-sok (최창석, 崔昌錫), Choe Chang-sun (최창순, 崔昌淳), Choe Tong-u (최동우, 崔東宇[2]), Ri Kon-u (이건우, 李建宇).


In his early years he went Japan and graduated from Waseda Universitys Department of Political and Economics. He was studying in Japan and that time organized the corps Haguhoe (학우회, 學友會). He secretly returned, Jeonju, Gunsan hard, then pause the lecture circuit in places like Japan, has been confined to the police. In 1923, he was accede of Choson rodonggongjehoe (조선노동공제회). In October, he was implicated in a labor demonstration incident, he was arrested by Japanese police and underwent investigations together with Ri Si-wan (이시완, 李時琓), Kang Taek-chin (강택진, 姜宅鎭), Chang Il-hwan (장일환, 張日煥).[3]

In April 21, 1924, he formed Federation of Korea Youngman clubs and elected to club's Central Executive Committee, In December, he formed Seoul Youth club's form of the vanguard organization of Korean socialist club and became the club's commissioner.

In 1925, Moscow International Congress of the Communist Partys, participating was representative of Seoul Youth club, and Sinminbu's organized in conjunction to Kim Chwa-chin (김좌진, 金佐鎭), Kim Hyok (김혁, 金赫), in Manchuria Ning'an. Shortly after returning home, in October 1925, he participated in Incident of Seoul Youth sinminbu along with Japanese police investigation of Han Pin (한빈, 韓斌), Ri Kyong-ho (이경호, 李京鎬) and Ri Yong (이영, 李英).

In 1926, he was dispatched to the Soviet Union to bargain with sinminbu member Pak Tu-hui (박두희, 朴斗熙) as one agent sinminbu in Vladivostok. In February 1928, he has been implicated in the Communist Party of the third case, Japanese police arrested and imprisoned him. In 1935 he broke out of prison and exiled to China in 1936.

In 1936 he formed the Chonwi Club (전위동맹) in Hankou and accede National revolution Partys, May 1938, commander of Choson uiyongdae (조선의용대), it was Kim Won-bong's made National revolution Party's military Organizations. but he was complaints that were funded for Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang's moneys. Because of this incident he was fighting and broke to Kim Won-bong (김원봉, 金元鳳). He also went to Yan'an, in partnership to Mujong (무정, 武亭) and Kim Tu-bong (김두봉, 金枓奉).

In January 1941, funding of the China Communist Party's money, later Just along with Lee Gunwu, Mujung's founded 'Hebei Korea Youth Federation' in Jindong. In 1942, with Kim dubong and Lee Gunwu, Mujung, han bin was create an Chosun independent alliance, and he was elected Vice-Chairman of the independent alliance.

In September 1945, he was appointed to Communist Party of Korea's Political Committee, and in December he returned to Pyongyang, North Korea with Kim Tu-bong and Mujong.

In March 1946, he founded the New Korean Democratic Party and was elected vice chairman. In August of that year, New Democratic Party and the Communist Party of Korea lets participation was integration, he was involved. In September, Workers' Party of North Korea's Central Committee, the Standing Committee was elected to Commerce and Business commissar and political commissar for him.

In 1948, Workers' Party of North Korea's Central Committee and deputies of the North Korean Supreme People's Assembly. In September, first North Korean Finance Ministers. in 1952 Deputy Prime Minister, in 1954 Finance Minister, 1955 Security minister of DPRK.

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