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The Chief of the General Staff (Czech language: Náčelník Generálního štábu ) is the Chief of the General Staff of the Military of the Czech Republic. He is appointed by the President of the Czech Republic, who is the commander-in-chief. The current Chief of the General Staff is Lt. General Petr Pavel.

List of chiefs of the general staff[]

# Name Image Born–Died Rank Start End Note
1 Karel Pezl No image.png 1927– General of the Army 1 January 1993 1993
2 Jiří Nekvasil Jiří Nekvasil (4483427015).jpg 1948– Colonel General 1993 30 April 1998
3 Jiří Šedivý No image.png 1953– General of the Army 1 May 1998 30 November 2002
4 Pavel Štefka Pavel Štefka USMC-050503-M-3827M-004.jpg 1954– General of the Army 1 December 2002 28 February 2007
5 Vlastimil Picek Picek Vlastimil 0774 clonned.jpg 1956– General of the Army 1 March 2007 30 June 2012 Afterwards served as the Minister of Defence from 2013 to 2014
6 Petr Pavel Petr Pavel 2012.JPG 1961– Lt. General 1 July 2012 Present

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