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VADM William F. Moran
since: August 2, 2013
First Mark E. Ferguson III
Formation December 2008
Website Official Website

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The Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) is responsible for overall manpower readiness for the United States Navy. The CNP also serves as Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Manpower, Personnel, Training & Education) and is one of five Deputy Chiefs of Naval Operations, with the identification of N1/NT.[1] The CNP oversees the operations of the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS), Navy Personnel Command (NPC) and the Navy Manpower Analysis Center (NAVMAC).[2] The CNP and the other four DCNOs are nominated by the President of the United States and must be confirmed via majority vote by the Senate. The CNP and the DCNOs are appointed as a three-star vice admiral while holding office. The role of Chief of Naval Personnel and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Manpower, Personnel, Training & Education) go hand in hand. The DCNO performs all strategy and resource policies and serves as a single resource sponsor for all manpower and training program matters. The DCNO also performs all Capitol Hill related duties, including all Congressional testimony for matters pertaining to the Manpower, Personnel, Training, & Education command. The DNCO's office also acts as the lead organization to interface with Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of the Navy (DON) officials, other U.S. military and foreign departments, other Navy commands, other Federal agencies, and private organizations.[3]

List of CNP/DCNO (MPT&E)'s

  • Vice Admiral Baldwin (July 1978 - August 1980)
  • Vice Admiral Zech (August 1980 - September 1983)
  • Vice Admiral William P. Lawrence (September 1983 - January 1986)
  • Vice Admiral Carlson (January 1986 - October 1987)
  • Vice Admiral Leon A. Edney (October 1987 - August 1988)
  • Vice Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda (August 1988 - November 1991)
  • Vice Admiral Ronald J. Zlatoper (November 1991 - July 1994)
  • Vice Admiral Frank Bowman (July 1994 - September 1996)
  • Vice Admiral Daniel T. Oliver (September 1996 - November 1999)
  • Vice Admiral Norbert R. Ryan, Jr. (November 1999 - October 2002)
  • Vice Admiral Gerald L. Hoewing (October 2002 - November 2005)
  • Vice Admiral John C. Harvey, Jr. (November 2005 - April 2008)
  • Vice Admiral Mark E. Ferguson III (April 2008 - August 2011)
  • Rear Admiral Donald P. Quinn (acting, August 2011 - October 2011)
  • Vice Admiral Scott R. Van Buskirk (October 11, 2011 - August 2013)
  • Vice Admiral William F. Moran (August 2, 2013 – present)

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