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Chief of Defense Forces of Georgia
საქართველოს თავდაცვის ძალების მეთაური
Defense Forces of Georgia 2018 Emblem v 1.png
Emblem of the Defense Forces
Ministry of Defense of Georgia
Major General Chachibaia DFG.png
Major General Vladimer Chachibaia

since 20 December 2018
Ministry of Defense of Georgia
Status Active
Member of General Staff of the Georgian Defense Forces
Reports to Minister of Defense
Prime Minister
Residence Tbilisi
Appointer President of Georgia
Term length No fixed term
Constituting instrument Constitution of Georgia
Law on Defense of Georgia
Precursor Chief of General Staff
Formation 31 October 2018
First holder Vladimer Chachibaia
Deputy Chief of General Staff

The Chief of Georgian Defense Forces (Georgian language: საქართველოს თავდაცვის ძალების მეთაური ) is a chief of defence and commander of the Defense Forces of Georgia, under the authority of the President of Georgia, who is the supreme commander-in-chief. The position was introduced in accordance with the Georgian Law on Defense of 31 October 2018.[1] The first holder of the position and the incumbent is Major General Vladimer Chachibaia.[2]

Functions and responsibilities

The Chief of Georgian Defense Forces is a chief military officer in the Georgian Defense Forces (GDF). They oversee the coherence of the armed forces organization, combat readiness and mobilization as well as military development of the GDF, and are responsible for conduct of operations in war, including plans of use, general articulation of forces, and distribution of operational means between various groups of forces. The Chief of Georgian Defense Forces is aided, in their functions, by the General Staff of the Georgian Defense Forces. One of the Chief's deputies can, simultaneously, serve as the Chief of the General Staff.[1] The Chief of Georgian Defense Forces is appointed and dismissed by the President of Georgia after the candidacy has been nominated by the Minister of Defense and submitted to the Presidency by the Government of Georgia. The nominee must have the highest military rank and high military education. The Chief reports to the Minister of Defense, the Prime Minister, and the President.[1]

Chiefs of Georgian Defense Forces

Chiefs of Defense Forces Took office Left office Time in office Ref
Vladimer Chachibaia
Chachibaia, VladimerMajor General Vladimer Chachibaia
(born 1971)
20 December 2018Incumbent3 years, 236 days[2]


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