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Chief of Defence (Denmark)
Incumbent General Peter Bartram
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The Chief of Defence of Denmark (Danish language: Forsvarschefen ), under responsibility of the Defence minister, is the Chief of Defence and commander1 of the Royal Danish Army, the Royal Danish Navy and the Royal Danish Air Force. The Chief of Defence is the military adviser to the Defence minister and head of the Defence Command.

The Chief of Defence is the highest-ranking military officer in Denmark and has the rank of four-star General (or Admiral if from the Navy) (OF-9)2, and supervises roughly 93% of all military spending in Denmark.

The Danish Home Guard and Defence intelligence is directly under the Ministry of Defence, only in times of war will the Home Guard Command be transferred to the Defence Command, and thus come under the authority of the Chief of Defence.

The job traditionally rotated evenly between the Army, Navy and Air Force. This tradition has been abandoned in 2009. There is no fixed length of time associated with the position.

List of Chiefs of Defence

From To Chief of Defence
1 October 1950 30 September 1962 Admiral Erhard Jørgen Carl Qvistgaard
1 October 1962 30 September 1972 General Kurt Rudolph Ramberg (Air force)
1 December 1972 30 April 1977 General Otto Blixenkrone-Møller (Army)
1 May 1977 30 September 1984 General Knud Jørgensen (Air force)
1 October 1984 30 November 1985 General Otto Katharus Lind (Army)
1 December 1985 31 October 1989 † Admiral Sven Eigil Thiede
1 November 1989 31 March 1996 General Jørgen Lyng (Army)
1 April 1996 3 August 1996 † Admiral Jørgen Garde (died in a plane crash)
20 August 1996 30 September 2002 General Christian Hvidt (Air force)
1 October 2002 31 July 2008 General Hans Jesper Helsø (Army)
1 August 2008 4 October 2009 Admiral Tim Sloth Jørgensen
5 October 2009 15 November 2009 Lieutenant General Bjørn Bisserup (Army)
16 November 2009 2 January 2012 General Knud Bartels (Army)
2 January 2012 20 March 2012 Lieutenant General Bjørn Bisserup (Army)
20 March 2012 General Peter Bartram (Army)

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1Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is the supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Danish Defence.
2Prince Henrik, Prince consort of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, holds this rank à la suite.

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