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Chief of the Air Staff
Air Force Ensign of Ghana.svg
Air Force Ensign of Ghana
Frank Hanson

since January 2019
 Ghana Air Force
Abbreviation CAS
Reports to Chief of the Defence Staff
Appointer President of Ghana
Formation 1959
First holder K. Jaswant-Singh

Chief of Air Staff is the official title of the highest ranking air force personnel of the Ghana Air Force. The current Chief of Air Staff is Air Vice Marshal Frank Hanson.[1]

Chiefs of Air Staff

The senior appointment in the GHF is the Chief of Air Staff. The following is a list of the Ghana Air Force Chiefs of Air Staff:[2]

Chief of Air Staff Took office Left office Time in office
1Jaswant, K.Air Commodore K. Jaswant-Singh
May 1959August 19601 year, 3 months
2Gundry, I.Wing Commander I. M. Gundry-White
September 1960March 19616 months
John N. H. Whitworth
Whitworth, JohnAir Commodore John N. H. Whitworth
March 1961September 19621 year, 6 months
J.E.S. de Graft-Hayford
Graft, J.Air Commodore J.E.S. de Graft-Hayford
First Ghanaian CAS
September 1962July 196310 months
5Otu, MichaelAir Vice-Marshal Michael Otu
July 1963March 19684 years, 8 months
6Ashley, NapoleonAir Commodore Napoleon Ashley-Lassen
(born 1934)
March 1968January 19712 years, 10 months
7Beausoliel, CharlesAir Commodore Charles BeausolielJanuary 1971December 197111 months
(6)Beausoliel, CharlesAir Commodore Napoleon Ashley-LassenDecember 1971January 19721 month
(7)Beausoliel, CharlesAir Commodore Charles BeausolielDecember 1972November 19764 years, 11 months
8Boakye, GeorgeAir Vice Marshal George Yaw Boakye
November 1976June 19792 years, 7 months
9Klutse, F.Group Captain F. W. K. KlutseJune 1979December 19796 months
10Odaate, JohnAir Commodore John Odaate-Barnor
December 1979May 19805 months
11Pumpuni, K.Air Commodore K. K. PumpuniMay 1980January 19821 year, 8 months
12Awuviri, E.Group Captain E. A. A. AwuviriJanuary 1982December 198211 months
13Kotei, J.Air Vice Marshal J. E. A. Kotei
December 1982June 19885 years, 6 months
14Dumashie, HarryAir Marshal Harry Dumashie
June 1988June 19924 years
15Bruce, JohnAir Marshal John Asamoah Bruce
5 June 199216 March 20018 years, 9 months
Edward Mantey
Mantey, EdwardAir Vice Marshal Edward Mantey
(born 1946)
16 March 2001May 20098 years, 1 month
17Boateng, JuliusAir Vice Marshal Julius Boateng
20 May 200528 January 20093 years, 8 months
Michael Samson-Oje
Samson, MichaelAir Vice Marshal Michael Samson-Oje
(born 1954)
31 March 2009January 20166 years, 9 months
19Nagai, MaxwellAir Vice Marshal Maxwell Nagai
January 2016January 20193 years
20Hanson, FrankAir Vice Marshal Frank Hanson
January 2019Incumbent3 years, 7 months


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