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Chief of the Staff of Bangladesh Air Force
বিমান বাহিনী প্রধান
Air Force Ensign of Bangladesh.svg
Flag of the Bangladesh Air Force
Air Chief Marshal Masihuzzaman Serniabat,BBP, OSP, ndu, psc

since June 12, 2018
 Bangladesh Air Force
Reports to The Prime Minister
Seat Air Force Headquarters, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Appointer The Prime Minister
with advice and consent of the President
Constituting instrument Air Force Act, 1953 (Act No. VI of 1953)
Formation April 07,1972
First holder Air Vice Marshal A K Khandker
Deputy Assistant Chief of Air Staff
Website Official Website

The Chief Of Air Staff (abbreviated as COAS) (Bengali language: বিমান বাহিনী প্রধান

Biman Bahini Pradhan) is the professional head and highest appointment of the Bangladesh Air Force. Only pilots (officers from GDP branch) get this post. The appointment is held by a four-star air officer and the current COAS is Air Chief Marshal Masihuzzaman Serniabat.[1][2] Prior to 2016, from 2007 the appointment was held by an Air Marshal (three-star air officer) and from 1972 to 2007 COAS's rank was Air Vice Marshal.

List of Chiefs of Air Staff

Chief of Air Staff Took office Left office Time in office
1Khandker, AbdulAir Vice Marshal Abdul Karim Khandker BU, psa
(born 1930)
April 7, 1972October 15, 19753 years, 191 days
2Tawab, MuhammadAir Vice Marshal Muhammad Ghulam Tawab SJ, SBT, psa
October 15, 1975April 30, 1976198 days
3Bashar, KhademulAir Vice Marshal Khademul Bashar BU, TBT
May 1, 1976September 1, 1976 †123 days
4Mahmud, AbdulAir Vice Marshal Abdul Gafoor Mahmud TBT, psa
(born 1933)
September 5, 1976December 8, 19771 year, 94 days
5Hossain, SadruddinAir Vice Marshal Sadruddin Mohammad Hossain BP
(born 1941)
December 9, 1977July 22, 19813 years, 225 days
6Mahmud, SultanAir Vice Marshal Sultan Mahmud BU
(born 1940)
July 23, 1981July 22, 19875 years, 364 days
7Ahmed, MomtazAir Vice Marshal Momtaz Uddin Ahmed psc
(born 1941)
July 23, 1987June 4, 19913 years, 316 days
8Chowdhury, AltafAir Vice Marshal Altaf Hossain Chowdhury ndu, psc
(born 1941)
June 4, 1991June 3, 19953 years, 364 days
9Ahmed, JamalAir Marshal Jamal Uddin Ahmed ndc, bems, psc
(born 1943)
June 4, 1995June 3, 20015 years, 364 days
10Islam, MohammadAir Vice Marshal Mohammad Rafiqul Islam ndu, psc
June 4, 2001April 8, 2002308 days
11Azam, FakhrulAir Vice Marshal Fakhrul Azam ndc, pscApril 8, 2002April 7, 20074 years, 364 days
12Rahman, ShahAir Marshal Shah Mohammad Ziaur Rahman ndc, fawc, psc
(born 1955)
April 8, 2007June 12, 20125 years, 66 days
Muhammad Enamul Bari BBP, ndu, psc
Bari, EnamulAir Marshal Muhammad Enamul Bari BBP, ndu, pscJune 13, 2012June 12, 20152 years, 364 days
14Esrar, AbuAir Chief Marshal Abu Esrar BBP, ndc, acsc
(born 1961)
June 12, 2015June 12, 20183 years, 0 days
15Serniabat, MasihuzzamanAir Chief Marshal Masihuzzaman Serniabat BBP, OSP, ndu, psc
(born 1962)
June 12, 2018Incumbent3 years, 330 days

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