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Jean-Paul de Saumeur (off Marseille, 1598 — Toulon, 20 December 1667), often called Chevalier Paul was a French admiral who served in several Mediterranean campaigns.

Saumeur began sailing at the age of twelve in the navy of the Order of Malta. He distinguished himself in a naval engagement by defeating two Turkish galleys, replacing his captain after he was killed.

Saumeur kept the command of the ship and in another fight he defeated five Ottoman ship, sinking two of them and capturing a third. He was knighted in 1637.

As Richelieu was seeking officers for the newly organised French Navy, Saumeur enlisted and was given command of the ship Neptune. He took part in several campaigns against Spain, commanding the Grand Anglois and the Licorne on which he played an important part in winning the Battle of Guetaria.

In 1650, Saumeur was titled and promoted to squadron commander, setting his flag on the Reine. He was again promoted to Lieutenant général in 1654, and wounded the next year.

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