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Chengdu Military Region.svg
Chengdu Military Region (highlighted)
Simplified Chinese 成都军区
Traditional Chinese 成都軍區

The Chengdu Military Region is one of seven military districts and is located in the southwest of the People's Republic of China, covering Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, and the Xizang/Tibet Autonomous Region. It includes some of the area previously within the Kunming Military Region and has its headquarters in Chengdu. It was probably established in 1955.[citation needed]

Organisation stated in 2009 that the region consisted of the:

  • 13th Group Army (zh:中国人民解放军第13集团军) with the 37th Infantry Division, the 149th Division at Emei, Sichuan (near Mount Emei), an Armoured Brigade, an Artillery Brigade, an Air Defence Brigade, the 2nd Helicopter Regiment, a Special Operations Group, an Engineer Regiment, a Signal Regiment, and an Electronic Warfare Regiment. The 149th Division joined the reorganising 13th Group Army on on the disbandment of the 50th Army in 1985.
  • 14th Group Army (zh:中国人民解放军第14集团军) with the 31st Infantry Division, the 40th Infantry Division, an Armoured Brigade, an Artillery Brigade, an Air Defence Brigade, a Signal Regiment, an Engineer Regiment, a Chemical Defence Regiment, and a Pontoon Bridge Regiment.
  • Tibet Military District with the 52nd Infantry Brigade, 53rd Infantry Brigade (which other sources report as Mountain Brigades), the 54th Infantry Regiment, a Signals Regiment, and three military sub-districts, the Shannan Military Sub-District, the Xigaze Military Sub-District, and the Nyingchi Military Sub District

Also reported are two Mobile Armed Police Divisions (38th and 41st), and the 2nd Army Aviation Regiment at Chengdu.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies attributes the region with some 180,000 personnel, with four motorised infantry divisions, one artillery division, two armoured brigades, one artillery brigade, and two anti-aircraft brigades.

The military districts that fall within the Chengdu Military Region are:

  • Sichuan Provincial Military District
  • Tibet Military District
  • Guizhou Provincial Military District

Current Officers


  • Li Shiming (Commander), since September 2007
Fan Xiaoguang (Deputy Commander) since June 2004
Fang Dianrong (Deputy Commander) since August 2003
Gui Quanzhi (Deputy Commander) since September 2002
Li Zuocheng (Deputy Commander) since January 2008
Lu Dengming (Deputy Commander) since March 2008
Meng Jinxi (Deputy Commander) since July 2001 (CC member)
Ai Husheng (Chief-of-Staff) Since October 2007
  • Zhu Fuxi (朱福熙) (Political Officer), since October 2012 [2]
Duan Luding (Deputy Political Commissar ) since July 2007
Hu Yongzhu (Deputy Political Commissar ) since December 2006
Ma Zilong (Deputy Political Commissar ) since April 2001
Qu Quansheng (Deputy Political Commissar ) since July 2000
Zhao Kaizeng (Deputy Political Commissar ) since February 2008
Wu Changde (Political Department Director) since July 2007


Sources and External Links

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  • Chapter 8, PLA Ground Forces, by Dennis J Blasko, in The People's Liberation Army as Organisation, RAND, CF182

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