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Chen Qihan (Chinese: 陈奇涵; Pinyin: Chén Qíhán; 24 August 1897 - 19 June 1981) was a general in the People's Liberation Army of China.

Chen was born in Xingguo, Jiangxi Province. He secretly joined the Communist Party of China in 1925.

In October 1930, Chen became the head of Teaching regiment of Red Third Army. Shortly he became the chief of staff in Red Fourth Army, and later chief of staff in Red Third Army. In March 1932, he became the chief of staff in Red First Army Group. After 1943, he studied at Central Party School of CPC.

In 1945, he became the vice commander of Ji-Re-Liao Military Region, and went to Northeast. In winter of 1947, he was the vice commander of East Man (Jilin) Military Region. In summer of 1948, he became commander of Liaoning Military Region. After Liao-Shen campaign, he became the chief of staff in Northeast Military Region.

In May 1949, he was appointed as the commander of Jiangxi Military Region, and in 1952 became the chairman of Jiangxi Political Consultative Conference. He was made a general in 1955.

He died on 19 June 1981 in Beijing.

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