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Char de dépannage DNG/DCL
Char de Dépannage DNG-DCL 14 juillet 2006.jpg
DCL during the military parade of 14 July 2006 in Paris
Type armoured recovery vehicle
Place of origin France
Weight 59 tonnes[1]
Length 9.87 m (6.88 without gun)
Width 3.71 m
Height 2.53 m
Crew 3

Armour cab armored to protect against small-arms fire up to 14,5 mm
1 x 12.7 mm machine gun
Engine MTU V12 turbocompressed diesel
1500 HP
Suspension Oleopneumatic suspension
700 km
Speed 65km/h

The Char de dépannage DNG/DCL is an armoured recovery vehicle built upon the chassis of the Leclerc battle tank. The DCL comes as a replacement for the AMX-30 D in the role of a recovery and repair tank for battle tanks over 50 tonnes. Nexter designates it DNG (Dépanneur Nouvelle Génération, "next generation repair"); the French Army uses the term DCL (Dépanneur du Char Leclerc, "Leclerc tank repair").

The main role of the DCL is tugging disabled tanks out of a battle zone; its secondary roles include repairing damaged tanks, and helping in military engineering. For these roles, it is fitted with a crane which allows removing a tank turret, and a bulldozer blade.

20 DCL are currently in service in the French Army. One is deployed in South Lebanon in support of the 13 Leclerc tanks of the UNIFIL.

46 DCL are in service in the United Arab Emirates.


  • Main winch: 180m long, 35 tonnes tugging
  • Secondary winch: 230m, 1.3 tonne
  • Crane: 30 tonnes lifting
  • 3.4 metre bulldozer blade
  • Diesel generator
  • 20 DREB smoke generators
  • 1 x 12.7 mm machine gun

Notes and references

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