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Role Anti-submarine warfare (ASW), AEW and Medium transport / Utility helicopter
National origin China
Manufacturer Avicopter (Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation)
Status In service
Primary user People's Liberation Army
Developed from Avicopter AC313

The Changhe Z-18 is a medium transport helicopter developed by Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation (CAIC) to replace the Z-8.

Design and development

The Z-18 is a single-rotor helicopter with tail rotor and a non-retractable landing gear, thought to be based on the Avicopter AC313, an updated design based on the earlier Harbin Z-8. A naval version of the Z-18 was first revealed onboard Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning. In 2014, the army version of Z-18 was revealed in Chinese army publications.[1] It features a redesigned lower fuselage, with power provided by three improved WZ-6C turboshaft engines and has a MTOW of 13.8 tonnes.[2] It can carry 27 passengers or a payload of 5 tons.[3]

The Z-18 uses composite materials for the rotor blade and titanium main rotor. It is equipped with a modern integrated digital avionics system and advanced electronic flight instrument landing system. Variants of the Z-18 have been developed for performing VIP transport, search and rescue, ASW and AEW operations


  • Z-18: Based on the Avicopter AC313 design, it features a modified lowered fuselage and an improved WZ-6C turboshaft. A nose-mounted weather radar as well as FLIR and TV turrets were installed. Additional communication and navigation antennae are also added.
  • Z-18J: New AEW variant with a multimode active electronically scanned array radar from the 38th Institute.
  • Z-18F: A recent anti submarine version with surface radar, dipping sonar, hardpoints intended for torpedoes/missiles, and sonobuoys.
  • Z-18A: Army version with a terrain following radar and EO turret.

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