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Challenger-class cruiser
HMS Challenger AllanGreen.jpg
HMS Challenger
Class overview
Name: Challenger
Operators:  Royal Navy
 Royal Australian Navy
Preceded by: Highflyer class
Succeeded by: Topaze class
In commission: 1904-1929
Completed: 2
General characteristics
Type: Cruiser
Displacement: 5,880 tons
Length: 355 ft (108.2 m)
Beam: 56 ft (17.1 m)
Draught: 21 ft 8 in (6.60 m)
Installed power: 12,500 ihp (9,320 kW)

2 shafts, Vertical triple-expansion steam engines

18 water-tube boilers
Speed: 21 knots (38.9 km/h; 24.2 mph)
Complement: 430-450

As built:
11 x BL 6-inch (152.4 mm) guns

9 x QF 12 pdr 12 cwt (3-inch) guns
6 x 3-pounder quick firing guns
2 x 17.7-inch (450 mm) torpedo tubes
Armour: Deck: 1.5–3 in (38.1–76.2 mm)
Gun shields: 3 in (76 mm)
Conning tower: 6 in (152 mm)

The Challenger class cruisers were a two-ship class of second class protected cruisers of the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy.


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