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Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee

General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, PA (Acting)
since: 8 October 2010
First General Muhammad Shariff
Formation March 1976

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of Pakistan is, in principle, the highest-ranking military officer in the Pakistan Defense Forces, and the principal military advisor to the Prime minister of Pakistan, Parliament of Pakistan, Ministry of Defence, and the National Security Council. However, even as the Principal Staff Officer, the Chairman does not have any authority over the combatant forces. The individual service chiefs are solely responsible for the coordination of the Armed and Combatant forces. Despite not being the highest-ranking officer, in Pakistan, the Chief of Army Staff is considered a powerful officer as can be seen by the number of times the Army Chief of Staff has overthrown the government and declared himself the ruler of the country. The Chairman outranks all respective heads of each service branch but does not have operational command authority over them or their service branches. General Pervez Musharraf is the only military officer, who as Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (note that he was also Chief of Army Staff at the same time), overthrew the democratic government of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif on October 12, 1999 (See 1999 Pakistani coup d'état),

The Chairman leads the meetings and coordinates the efforts of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JCSC), comprising the Chairman, the Chiefs of Army Staff and Chief of Air Staff and the Chief of Naval Staff. In Pakistan, the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee is an important and highly prestigious staff assignment in Pakistan Armed Forces, but the chairman does not have any command authority over combatant forces. While, the chiefs do have authority over personnel assignments and oversight over resources and personnel allocated to the combatant commands within their respective services.

A specially designed car for Chairman Joint Chiefs with the flag on top and four stars on bottom.

The Chairman may also transmit communications to the combatant commanders from the Prime minister and President as well as allocate additional funding to the combatant commanders if necessary. The Chairman is nominated by the President, on the advice of the Prime minister. Unlike United States's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the appointment of Chairman does not need confirmation via majority vote by the Parliament. Though, the appointment needs confirmation from the Prime minister. By statute, the Chairman is appointed as a four-star general, four-star air chief marshal and/or four star admiral. By law, all 4-star officers are required to have vast experience in joint uniformed services of Pakistan during their 40 year long military careers. The post of CJCSC was created by former Prime minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in March 1976, and the first Chairman was four star rank officer, General Muhammad Shariff. The current holder of the office is General Khalid Shameem Wynne who is recently promoted to a 4 star rank.

List of Chairman Joint Chiefs

No. Image Name Term of Appointment Arms of Commission Decorations
1 General Muhammad Shariff 1 March 1976 – 1978 Pakistan Army - Punjab Regiment
2 Admiral Mohammad Shariff 1978 – 13 April 1980 Pakistan Navy - Naval Communications Branch HJ, SJ, NI(M)
3 General Muhammad Iqbal Khan 13 April 1980 – 22 March 1984 Pakistan Army - Frontier Force Regiment NI(M), SBt
4 Rahimuddin.jpg General Rahimuddin Khan 22 March 1984 – 29 March 1987 Pakistan Army - Baloch Regiment NI(M), SBt
5 General Akhtar Abdur Rahman 29 March 1987 – 17 August 1988 Pakistan Army - Punjab Regiment NI(M), SBt
6 Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey 10 November 1988 – 17 August 1991 Pakistan Navy - Naval Operations Branch NI(M), SBt
7 General Shamim Alam Khan.jpg General Shamim Alam Khan 17 August 1991 – 9 November 1994 Pakistan Army - Armoured Corps NI(M), SJ, SBt
8 Air Chief Marshal Farooq Feroze Khan 10 November 1994 – 9 November 1997 Pakistan Air Force - No. 14 Squadron Tail choppers NI(M), SBt
9 File:JKDC.gif General Jehangir Karamat 9 November 1997 – 7 October 1998 Pakistan Army - Armoured Corps NI(M), TBt
10 PervezMusharraf.jpg General Pervez Musharraf 8 October 1998 – 7 October 2001 Pakistan Army - Artillery NI(M), TBt
11 File:PakistanGeneralMuhammadAzizKhan.jpg General Muhammad Aziz Khan 7 October 2001 – 6 October 2004 Pakistan Army - Punjab Regiment NI(M), SBt
12 File:Gen Ehsan ul haq.jpg General Ehsan ul Haq 7 October 2004 – 7 October 2007 Pakistan Army - Air Defence NI(M)
13 US Navy 090820-N-8273J-121 Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead meets with Pakistan Joint Chief of Staff Committee Gen. Tariq Majid during an office call at the Pakistan Joint Staff Headquarters in Islamabad.jpg General Tariq Majid 8 October 2007 – 7 October 2010 Pakistan Army - Baloch Regiment NI(M)
14 Khalid Wynne (close-up).jpg General Khalid Shameem Wynne 8 October 2010 – 8 October 2013 Pakistan Army - Punjab Regiment NI(M)
15 General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani (Acting) 8 October 2013 - Pakistan Army - Baloch Regiment

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by Branch of Service

  • Army - 12
  • Navy - 2
  • Air Force - 1
  • Marines - 0

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