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Central Army
Active December 9, 1920 - February 8, 1922
Country Turkey
Allegiance Ankara Government
Size 10,000 (December 1920)[1]
Part of Turkish Army
Garrison/HQ Amasya
Nickname(s) Turkish Liberation Army
Engagements Turkish War of Independence
Nureddin Pasha

The Central Army (Modern Turkish: Merkez Ordusu ) is one of the field armies of the Army of the Grand National Assembly during the Turkish War of Independence. Its headquarters was located at Amasya.

The Central Army has its foundations in remnants of the III Corps of the Ottoman Army. It engaged in suppression operations against the Pontic Rebellion and the Koçgiri Rebellion.


Order of Battle of the XV Corps, December, 1920

In December, 1920, the Central Army was organized as follows:

Labor battalions

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