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Cemal Madanoğlu (1907-1993) was a Turkish soldier and general. He attained the rank of Lieutenant General.

Born Izmir - 1907. Attended the Military Academy, the Academy of High Command - Muğla 1. Mountain Regiment Command, Nigde 12th Infantry Regiment, Cizre 7. Border Battalion, Urfa Provincial Gendarmerie Command Annexed, Siirt Mobile 10 Gendarmerie Battalion Officer Siirt 1 Infantry Regiment Company Commander, Istanbul 189 Infantry Regiment Officer, Pergamum 205 Mountain Brigade Regiment Commander, General Staff Officer 1 Branch, Istanbul Terkos 24 Division 1. Branch Manager, Branch Manager of Istanbul Martial Law Command 1, Talim University Regiment Battalion Commander, 82 Infantry Regiment Battalion kilyos Commander, 1 Maltepe Armored Division Chief of Istanbul Air Defense Chief of Staff of Regional Command, Izmit 3 6th Corps. Branch Manager, Erzincan 3. Domestic Regional Command Staff Prime blood, Balkanlıg Land Forces Operations Branch Manager, Alemdağ 32 Regiment Commander, Korea, Turkey Brigade Deputy Commander, Siirt, 12 Division Commander, while it was being established, Second Army Chief of Konya, Ankara Armored Training Elazig Division and 10th Mountain Division Commander, Land Forces Logistics President, Ankara Sıkıyöne-

Commander of time - National Unity Committee Member (05.27.1960 - Resignation: 07.20.1961) - married.


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