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These are companies or people who produce (manufacture or assemble) watches and/or watch movements.

All entries should be in one of the subcategories.

  • Category:Watch manufacturing companies: Companies making complete watches, including manufacturing movements of their own design
  • Category:Watch brands: Companies that assemble watches using movements made by third parties
  • Category:Watchmakers (people): Individuals who manufacture or service watches or watch movements
  • Category:Watch technicians: Individuals whose skills are relegated to performing simple, non-invasive maintenance on watches, especially if they do not have the skills to completely overhaul a movement (correcting all identified defects, replacing worn parts, manufacturing a part if required), dial, case, pressure test and quality control a watch
  • Category:Clockmakers: Clockmakers are a distinctly different field than watchmakers. There is sometimes confusion because many non-English languages have only one term for both fields, such as e.g. German which uses the term 'Uhrmacher' for both.

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