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Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire
Second Bulgarian Empire
Kingdom of Hungary
Safavid Flag.svg Safavid dynasty of Iran
Serbian Despotate
Turkey Republic of Turkey
Greece First Hellenic Republic
Bulgaria Principality of Bulgaria
Egypt Egypt Eyalet
Serbia Principality of Serbia
Albania Principality of Albania
Flag of the United Principalities of Romania (1862 - 1866).svg United Principalities
Iraq Mandatory Iraq
Jordan Emirate of Transjordan
Mandatory Palestine Mandatory Palestine
Kingdom of Hejaz Kingdom of Hejaz
Kingdom of Italy Italian Libya
Kingdom of Italy Italian Islands of the Aegean
Pre-1999 Flag of Tunisia.svg French Protectorate of Tunisia
France French Algeria
France French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon
Yemen Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen
Colony of Aden Aden Protectorate

Treaties concluded or ratified by  Ottoman Empire. At international law, Turkey was recognized as the successor state to the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, unless denounced, a treaty ratified by the Ottoman Empire remains in force for Turkey.

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