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Swedish queens include queens consort and the three queens regnant (two of whom also were queens consort). The list of articles below is complete (as of July 15, 2009) with every legitimate Swedish queen included.

Regarding alphabetical (and chronological) name sorting, note:

  • Queens are always listed by official first name.
  • Filippa is listed here in English as Philippa.
  • Gunhild and Gunilla are alphabetized here in English as Gunnilda.
  • Haelwig is listed as Helvig.
  • Hedvig Elizabeth Charlotte (pen name) is alphabetized as Charlotte, her official name.
  • Isabella is alphabetized as Elizabeth.
  • Katarina and Karin are listed here under C as Catherine.
  • Kristina is listed here under C as Christina, as is Christine.
  • Martha is alphabetized as Margaret.
  • Sofia and Viktoria (legal names after 1901) are alphabetized as Sophia and Victoria.
  • Ulrika and Ulrike are alphabetized as Ulrica.
  • Wolfhilda is listed as Ulvhild.
    • More Swedish name forms appear below, which however do not effect the alphabet.

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