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This category includes members of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) (1925-1952) and Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1952-1991). For the preceding period in the history of the Party, see category:Bolsheviks

There are two independent types of subcategories:

  1. Special subcategories, such as executed, expelled, etc., members
  2. Reasonably populated subcategories by power hierarchy. A person is placed in one according to the highest attained place in the CPSU apparat:
    1. Heads of the CPSU
    2. Heads of CPs of Union republics
    3. Members of the Central Committee
    4. Heads of party of major cities, so called "cities of union significance" (goroda souyznogo znacheniya/ podchineniya)
    5. Midrange leaders and apparat heads of party organizations of cities, oblasts, raions, autonomous republics, major workplaces (plants, kolkhozes, universities, etc.), etc.
    6. Other apparat
    7. Rank-and-file: not a party functionary. However they may hold high profile governmental positions

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