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Castle Berg
Wasserburg Berg
Berg, Stuttgart-East
The mineral spa that now stands on the grounds of the castle
Type Burgstall
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 12th Century
Built by House von Berg
In use 1100-1287

Castle Berg is a ruined water castle situated around 210 m (690 ft) above Sea level in the Nesenbach valley on the grounds of the Berg mineral spa in the Berg district of Baden-Württemberg's state capitol of Stuttgart, Germany.

The castle was built by the Lords von Berg during the 12th century and had already been destroyed in 1287. The foundations were unearthed in 1856 during construction of the spa's spring water bathhouses. The excavated foundations belonged to a residence tower with a square base with a side length of 10.5 m (34.45 ft) and a wall thickness of 3 m (9.84 ft).[1]


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