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Cassard-class frigate
Frigate Cassard
Class overview
Operators:  Marine Nationale
Succeeded by: FREMM multipurpose frigate
Completed: 2
Active: Cassard
Jean Bart
General characteristics
Displacement: 4,500 tons
Length: 139 m
Beam: 14 m
Draught: 6 m
Propulsion: 4 x SEMT Pielstick 18PA6-V280 BTC diesel engines
42,000 hp
Speed: 29 knots
Range: 8,000 nm
Complement: 250




  • 2 x fixed torpedo tubes (10x L5 mod 4 torpedoes)



  • 2 x Sadral sextuple launcher (39 x Mistral CIWS anti-air missiles)
Aircraft carried: 1 x Eurocopter AS 565 Panther anti-submarine helicopter

The Cassard class (Type F70 AA) is a class of AA (air defence) frigates of the French Navy. The class is an air defence variant of the Georges Leygues class. The two classes have a different armament and propulsion system mounted on an identical hull.[1] Their primary role is to provide air cover for a fleet, an aeronaval group, or a convoy. They can also be used for research, identification or presence missions.

The experience gained during the design and construction of the Cassard type was used for the design of the La Fayette type.

The two elements of the class are

They will be decommissioned with the arrival of FREDA air defence frigates 2020-2022.


  • 1 DRBV26C sentry radar
  • 1 Thales SMART-S MK2 (replacing DRBJ11B) [2]
  • 1 DIBV2A infra-red alert system
  • 2 DRBN34 navigation and landing radar
  • 1 DUBV 24C hull sonar
  • Syracuse II satellite communication system
  • 1 ARBR 17 radar detector
  • 1 SAIGON radio emission detector
  • 1 ARBB 33 jammer
  • 2 SAGAIE NG decoy launchers
  • 2 DAGAIE decoy launchers



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