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Carl-Oscar Agell
Birth name Carl-Oscar Agell
Born (1894-08-29)29 August 1894
Died 12 December 1983(1983-12-12) (aged 89)
Place of birth Hjo, Sweden
Place of death Uppsala, Sweden
Allegiance Sweden
Service/branch Swedish Army
Years of service 1915–1958
Rank Colonel
Unit Swedish Volunteer Corps
Commands held Jämtland Rifle Regiment
Battles/wars Winter War

Carl-Oscar Agell (29 August 1894 – 12 October 1983) was a Swedish Army officer. He served in Finland during the Winter War and back in Sweden he became commanding officer of Jämtland Rifle Regiment. Agell headed the Swedish contingent of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC) and became civil defense chief in Norrköping before retiring in 1958.


Agell was born in Hjo, Sweden and was the son of mill and saw owner Nils Andersson and Blenda Samuelson. He passed studentexamen in Växjö in 1913 and became second lieutenant at Kronoberg Regiment (I 11) in 1915. Agell was promoted to lieutenant in 1918 and to captain in 1930. He was captain in the General Staff in 1932 and served at Göta Life Guards (I 2) in 1935 and was promoted to major in 1936.[1]

He was acting head of the Royal Military Academy in 1937 and became lieutenant colonel in the Finnish Army as part of the Swedish Volunteer Corps during the Winter War in 1940.[1] After lieutenant colonel Magnus Dyrssen was killed on 1 March 1940, Agell took over the command of I. battlegroup.[2] Back in Sweden, Agell became lieutenant colonel at Norrbotten Regiment (I 19) the same year. He was promoted to colonel two year later in 1942 and became commanding officer of Jämtland Rifle Regiment (I 5) in 1942.[1]

Agell was appointed commander of Norrköping-Linköping defence area in 1949 and was head of the Swedish contingent of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC) from 1954 to 1955 with a temporary rank of major general. He then was civil defense chief in Norrköping from 1956 to 1958.[1]

Personal life[]

In 1925 he married Anna-Lisa Lundbohm (born 1898), the daughter of managing director Ferdinand Lundbohm and Anna Möller. Agell was the father of Margaretha (born 1929), Christer (born 1931) and Elisabeth (born 1936). He was a member of Rotary International.[1] Agell and his wife moved to Weda seat farm in Lästringe, Nyköping Municipality in July 1959 and then in the spring of 1964 they moved to Hörningsholm Castle, where they rented a villa in the castle's parkland.[3]

Awards and decorations[]

Agell's awards:[1]

  • Knight First Class of the Order of the Sword
  • Fourth Class of the Order of the Cross of Liberty with swords
  • Finnish War Memorial Medal
  • Home Guard Gold Medal of Merit (Hemvärnets förtjänstmedalj i guld)
  • Jämtland County Shooting Federation's gold medal (Jämtlands läns skytteförbunds guldmedalj)
  • Linköping Officers (Education) League's gold medal (Linköping's befäls(utbildnings)förbunds guldmedalj)
  • Central Union of Officer Training's silver medal (Centralförbundet för befälsutbildnings silvermedalj)
  • Sweden's Military Sports Federation's silver medal (Sveriges militära idrottsförbunds silvermedalj)
  • Swedish Women's Voluntary Defence Service's silver medal (Sveriges lottakårers silvermedalj)
  • Army Shooting Medal (Arméns skyttemedalj)


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