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Capture of the Vigilant
Part of the King Georges War
Edward Tyng by Joseph Blackburn.png
Edward Tyng
Date18–20 May 1745
Locationoff Fortress Louisbourg
Result British victory
 Kingdom of Great Britain  Kingdom of France
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Great Britain Peter Warren

Edward Tyng
Kingdom of France Alexandre de la Maisonfort du Boisdecourt, Marquis de la Maisonfort[1]
5 ships of the line 1 ships of the line; 500 men
Casualties and losses
6 wounded (including Tyng) 1 ships of the line captured
35 killed and 26 wounded
2,000 prisoners

The Capture of the Vigilant involved Commodore Warren in HMS Superb (60 guns), Captain Durell in HMS Eltham (40 guns), Captain Calmady in HMS Launceston, Captain Douglas in HMS Mermaid and Captain Rous of HMS Shirley Galley who fought the French ship Vigilant (64 guns) off Louisbourg. Captain Douglas in the Mermaid (40 guns) engaged the French ship Vigilant. John Rous in the Shirley Galley was the first to fire, giving the ship several broadsides into the stern. Captain Durell was next to give a broadside. The Commodore got alongside the ship they fired briskly, tearing the rigging and sails to pieces. Fog settled in and the Vigilant got away. In the morning, the Vigilant was visible and clearly wrecked. They took 100 French sailors prisoner to Boston.




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