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Capture of Luanda
Part of Dutch-Portuguese War
LocationLuanda, Portuguese Angola
Result Dutch victory
 Dutch Republic Portugal Portuguese Empire
Commanders and leaders
Cornelis Jol Pedro César de Meneses
2,145 Soldiers
20 ships [1]

In 1641 the Dutch captured Luanda from the Portuguese.[2] The Portuguese, upon the arrival of the Dutch, fled upriver. The Portuguese would return and retake the city in 1648.

On August 25, 1641 the Dutch landed 2,145 troops on near Luanda under the command of Cornelis Jol. Upon the Dutch arrival, 800 Portuguese, some soldiers and some civilians, fled and regrouped at Kilunda. On September 19, the Dutch drove them from that position and forced them to fall back to the Portuguese plantations along the Bengo River. The Dutch then fortified their positions along the river.


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