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Capture of Aalst (1584)
Part of the Eighty Years' War and the Anglo-Spanish War (1585–1604)
Plattegrond Aalst Guicciardini 1581.jpg
Map of the city of Aalst in 1581.
DateEarly February, 1584
LocationAalst, County of Aalst, Flanders
(present-day Belgium)
Result Spanish victory[1][2]
Dutch Republic United Provinces
 Kingdom of England
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Spain Alexander Farnese

The Capture of Aalst of 1584, also known as the Betrayal of Aalst, took place in early February, 1584, at Aalst, County of Aalst, Flanders (present-day Belgium), during the Eighty Years' War and the Anglo-Spanish War (1585–1604).[1][3] In 1584, after the successful Spanish military campaign of 1583, the Governor-General Don Alexander Farnese, Prince of Parma, was focused in subjecting by hunger the cities located on the Scheldt and its tributaries.[4] One of these cities was Aalst, located on the Dender river. In January, the garrison of Aalst, composed by English troops under the command of Governor Olivier van den Tympel, was completely surrounded and blocked by the Spanish forces led by Parma.[5] In this situation, the English soldiers, tired of the lack of supplies and pay, finally surrendered the city to Parma, in exchange for 128,250 florins and enter to the service of the Spanish army.[3][4][5]

The advance of the Prince of Parma was unstoppable, and on April 7, after three months of siege, the city of Ypres surrendered.[4] The next goal of the Spaniards was Bruges, and on May 24, capitulated without a single shot fired.[4]

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