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Cape of Good Hope Station
Active 1857–1939
Allegiance United Kingdom
Branch Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.png Royal Navy
Type Naval squadron & fleet
Garrison/HQ Simonstown, South Africa

The Cape of Good Hope Station was one of the geographical divisions into which the British Royal Navy divided its worldwide responsibilities. It was formally the units and establishments responsible to the Commander-in-Chief, Cape of Good Hope.

Established in 1857,[1] the station covered most of the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. On 17 January 1865 it was combined with the East Indies Station to form the East Indies and Cape of Good Hope Station, however the station was recreated as a separate station on 29 July 1867.[1] These responsibilities did not imply territorial claims but the navy would actively protect Britain's trading interests. From 1870 it absorbed the former West Africa Squadron.[2] It formed the basis of the South Atlantic Station when that Station was formed in 1939.


Commanders-in-Chief have included:[1][3]
Commander-in-Chief, Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa Station

Commander-in-Chief, Africa Station

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