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Canadian Forces Northern Area Headquarters (CFNA HQ) Yellowknife

Canadian Forces Northern Area Headquarters (CFNA HQ) Yellowknife is a Canadian Forces unit located in the city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

It is the headquarters for Joint Task Force North, part of Canada Command responsible for Canadian Forces operations and administration in Northern Canada and the Arctic. It is a small detachment, of approximately 150 personnel, responsible for coordinating military operations across four million square kilometres of land in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

CFNA HQ Whitehorse has a similar responsibility in Yukon.

CFNA Yellowknife is home to the 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, 440 Transport Squadron, and depending on time of year, many cadet squadrons.

The current base chief is CWO Gerald Blais. Commander is Brigadier-General Gregory Loos and Deputy Commader is Captain( RCN) Derek Moss

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Coordinates: 62°27′21″N 114°22′31″W / 62.4557°N 114.3752°W / 62.4557; -114.3752 (Canadian Forces Northern Area Headquarters (CFNA HQ) Yellowknife)

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