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The Naval Reserve or NAVRES is the Primary Reserve component of the Royal Canadian Navy, as part of the unified Canadian Forces. The headquarters of the Naval Reserve is in Quebec City, and oversees the operation of 24 divisions in other cities across Canada.[1]


The Naval Reserve provides the majority of the crews for Canada's 12 Kingston Class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels.


Britannia Yacht Club display cabinet in the Commodore's boardroom features Thomas G. Fuller's uniform, sword and a memorial trophy awarded annually to the Canadian Forces Naval Reserve unit achieving the topmost state of combat readiness

The CFNR dates back to the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve (created 1914), and the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (created in 1923). The two volunteer units were created for the two world wars. The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve was formed in 1945 replacing the volunteer unit and was renamed with the current title in 1968 following the creation of the Canadian Forces.

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