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Camp Jackson main gate sign.

Camp Jackson is a United States Army camp south of Camp Red Cloud (in Uijeongbu) and 20 miles south of the city of Uijeongbu at the throat of the Uijeongbu Corridor, on the National Highway 3 now in the far northern Dobong-gu suburb of Seoul. It is one of the smallest US military installations in South Korea. The camp was named after Private First Class George W. Jackson who was awarded the Silver Star during the Korean War.

The US Eighth Army has the NCO Academy at Camp Jackson.

The KATUSA Training Academy operates a 19-day course which involves subjects essential to function with the American units, such as nuclear, biological and chemical training, how to put on and work in a protective mask, the M-16 rifle, first aid, land navigation, military customs courtesies, and English classes. Instructors at KTA are volunteers from the ranks of the US Army, ROK Army, and KATUSA.

Personnel stationed at Camp Jackson are eligible for Hardship Pay.[1]

Camp Jackson is scheduled to be handed back over to the Korean government as part of the USFK transformation plan by 2016.


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