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Camp Dyer, Quonset Point, Rhode Island was a temporary camp used during the Spanish American War.


Previously a state park, the site had been used for the state militia's summer maneuvers of the First Rhode Island Brigade. Established for the call up of Rhode Island troops during the Spanish American War on May 2, 1898. The camp was officially named for wartime governor Elisha Dyer on May 7, Lieutenant Colonel Henry B. Rose, Rhode Island Militia, Commanding. This site served as the muster site for the First Rhode Island Regiment from about May 10 to May 26, 1898. The camp remained in existence through Nov 19, 1898 according to Annual Reports of the Adjutant General, Quartermaster General and Surgeon General of Rhode Island for 1898, 1899.

During the immediate call up period the camp received recruits from Providence by a leased civilian steamer embarking from India Point Wharf. The camp screened and equipped a total of 1,263 of which 1,004 were accepted for service with the First Rhode Island Regiment between May 2 and May 18, 1898 during the first call for volunteers. During the subsequent second call for troops the camp screened and equipped another 830 of which 549 were accepted for service with the Artillery and Infantry between May 31 and June 28, 1898.


Named after then-wartime governor, Elisha Dyer, May 7, 1898.


Located on Quonset Point, North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The camp area was later incorporated into the U.S. Naval Air Station which opened in July 1941 known as Naval Air Station Quonset Point.


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