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Camp Butner was a United States Army installation in Butner, North Carolina during World War II. It was named after Army General Henry W. Butner. Part of it was used as a POW-Camp for German prisoners of war in the United States.

Several major US Army formations used the camp as a staging area during the war, to assemble and organize prior to being deployed to the Western Front. These formations include the 78th Infantry Division.

After the war, the Camp was used as a major facility for the demobilization and deactivation of Army units returning from the war. Among the units deactivated at the camp were the 3d United States Infantry Regiment and the 4th Infantry Division.

The Camp was also the location of a Battalion Surgeon's Assistant school.


Camp Butner Training Center is currently under North Carolina Army National Guard ownership.[1] Since 2005 it has played host to the Civilian Marksmanship Program's Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic & Championship, taught by the United States Marine Corps Mobile Marksmanship Unit.


Coordinates: 36°08′20″N 78°47′24″W / 36.139°N 78.790°W / 36.139; -78.790

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