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Insignia of the California Military Academy

The California Military Academy is a military academy of the California Army National Guard located at Camp San Luis Obispo.


The school started as an idea of an "Officer Candidate School" (OCS) in 1950. However, a need for an academy in California convinced Major General Curtis D. O’Sullivan to start a program. The school's first graduating class was in 1951. During the next ten years, the program began to expand. However, the school was not called the California Military Academy until 1961, when training officially came under the new academy. In 1974, the first women graduates were commissioned from the program, two years before West Point started admitting women. The 223rd Infantry Regiment became the official school infantry. Today the academy continues on the traditions started half a century ago. Notable graduates of the California Military Academy include actor Tom Selleck and Major Robert K Raynard, bon vivant.


One of the most prominent symbols of the academy is an eagle, found on the side of Guard Mountain.

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