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Cadet College Sanghar
File:Cadet College Sanghar-Monogram.jpg
Jam Nawaz Ali, Sanghar District, Sindh, Pakistan
Motto The Nuclei of quality education
Opened 1994
Area 267 acres (1.08 km2)
Colour(s) Navy blue
Demonym Sangharites
Divisions 4

Cadet College Sanghar is a military high school, located near the town of Jam Nawaz Ali (the village of the former Chief-Minister of Sindh Jam Sadiq Ali), in Sanghar District, Sindh, Pakistan.


Cadet College Sanghar was founded in 1990. It was built in Jam Nawaz Ali. Cadet College Sanghar is the fourth cadet college in the province of Sindh.[1]

The school was under civilian administration, but since 2000 it has been under the command and control of Pakistan Navy.

Prof. Dr. Mehboob Ali Shahikh was the founding Principal and Project Director of the College. The college was commissioned even when the main academic block was not completed. The cadets of the first batch (1994 Batch) stayed at a rented building 15 km from the main campus in Jam Nawaz Ali where they had the college mess.

After a handful of principals at the helm of Cadet College Sanghar from the government sector, the college was handed over to military administration after poor management and embezzlement of funds.

The first Commandant/Principal and Project Director was Capt. Altaf Nabi Dar TI(M). An eminent petarian ( listed by the Association. The first Vice Principal and Director of Studies was Lt.Commander A.A Dogar and The Bursar Lt. Ali Raza.

Capt. Altaf Nabi Dar TI(M) served as the Commandant of Cadet College Sanghar for ten years making him the longest serving Commandant/Principal and Project Director. Under him the college produced their own electricity, and purified water for drinking. During his time college saw multiple projects started and completed. The foremost being the construction of the biggest auditorium in Pakistan with a capacity of over 1200 named after Pir Pagara, an Olympic standard swimming pool sanctioned and construction commenced, squash courts, canteen and shopping complex, branch of the National Bank of Pakistan inside the college (with ATM) and sports playing fields.

Under Capt. Altaf Nabi Dar TI(M) as principal, on the education front the college became the first ISO certified cadet college in education. The hostels were extended to increase capacity to twice the number of residents, a new hostel "Jam Sadiq" was built and the central mess extended to accommodate the increase in student population from 300 to 550 during his term. For staff and teaching faculty, housing colonies and a primary school was built to accommodate them with their families within the boundaries.

After Capt. Altaf Nabi Dar, CAPTAIN MUHAMMAD ARIF TI (M) PN, took over as Commandant/Principal, Cadet College Sanghar in May 2012, CAPTAIN MUHAMMAD ARIF TI (M) PN was born on 1 December 1967. He Joined Pakistan Navy in 1984


The college is situated amidst beautiful natural surroundings, away from developed areas. For this reason, it is often called the "Oasis" (which is also the name of college magazine). The nearest city is Tando Adam, an industrial town, which is 35 km from the college. Another town near the college is the district headquarters Sanghar, which is about 60 km away.

The serenity, lack of noise and pollution free environment provides ideal conditions for learning, training and sports activities. The Jumrao Canal is just 1 km from the college, an attractive spot for leisure activities.


The college campus, which includes hostels, and other facilities, is spread over 375 acres (1.52 km2).


The college has four divisions. .

Colours Division Named after Motto
      Green Jinnah Muhammad Ali Jinnah Great People Think Alike
      Red Sadiq Jam Sadiq Ali Practise What You Preach
      Purple Latif Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Fortune Favours the Brave
      Yellow Kazi Allama I.I. Kazi
(Imdad Ali Imam Ali Kazi)
Peaceful Are The Strong
      Sky Blue Effendi Hassan Ali Effendi
Live to Learn


The college is managed by a Board of Governors. Commander Karachi, an Administrative Authority of Pakistan Navy, is ex officio Chairman of the board. The Commandant of the College, is the Member Secretary of the Board of Governors. The board is established under "The West Pakistan Government Educational and Training Institutions Ordinance 1960". The Commandant/Principal is responsible for the administration of the College in accordance and is a Captain in the Pakistan Navy.

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