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CSMG C22-1
Type Submachine gun
Grenade launcher
Place of origin  Belgium
Production history
Manufacturer VBR Belgium
Cartridge 9x19mm Parabellum
22mm Grenade
Caliber 9mm
Barrels 2
Action Blowback
Effective range 200m
Feed system 100 round helical magazine
4 shot detachable magazine (Grenade launcher)
Sights Iron

The CSMG C22-1 is a submachine gun/grenade launcher of Belgian origin manufactured by VBR Belgium.[1]


The CSMG C22-1 was developed in 1999 and submitted for testing by the NATO Land Armament Section in 2000. The weapon includes a submachine gun that uses the new special 5.7 x19 mm round developed in VBR-Belgium. The cartridge is a Belgian SS-190 with a sleeve chuck 9x19 Para) or chuck 7,92 VBR-B. The grenade launcher uses a 4 round magazine for 22mm or 40mm grenades that can penetrate body armor.

The CSMG C22-1 has a modular design that allows a single platform to build different versions of weapons optimized for specific combat missions. The hammer mechanism and an overhead magazine with a capacity of 100 rounds are located in the stock behind the trigger. Through this arrangement the gun is small, which makes it easier to maneuver in confined spaces.


On top of the receiver is an integral handle for carrying weapons whose upper surface is made for scope mounts. This handle has two main objectives. First, it serves as a 100-round magazine. Its much heavier stock reduces barrel climb when fired. Secondly, the guide arm mounting can be fitted with various electronic sights, Picatinny rail, laser pointers and tactical lights. The CSMG C22-1 has a two-way translator[Clarification needed] and fire safety. Spent shells eject on the right side, almost in the middle of the weapon. The weapon can be equipped with various barrel lengths. The load provides enough energy to penetrate body armor class CRISAT at a distance of 200 meters.