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CFS Moosonee
RCAF Station Moosonee
Part of The Pinetree Line
Ontario, Canada
Coordinates Latitude: 51.286111
Longitude: -80.622222
Location code C-44
Built by  Royal Canadian Air Force
In use 1961-1975
Controlled by  Royal Canadian Air Force
Garrison 15 Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron

Canadian Forces Station Moosonee (CFS Moosonee) was a military installation located in Moosonee, Ontario.

RCAF Station Moosonee was opened in 1962 as part of NORAD's Pinetree Line chain of radar stations. Moosonee was one of five stations built to close radar coverage gaps in the original Pinetree system. The base was originally operated by the RCAF's 15 Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, later redesignated 15 Radar Squadron.

In 1967, RCAF Station Moosonee was renamed CFS Moosonee with the unification of the Canadian Forces. The base was closed in 1975 as a cost-saving measure. Some buildings were used by the Town after the closure, including the base swimming pool and recreation centre.


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