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Coordinates: 45°20′11″N 75°35′15″W / 45.336495°N 75.587504°W / 45.336495; -75.587504

Aerial view of CFS Leitrim

CFS Leitrim in winter

Canadian Forces Station Leitrim, also referred to as CFS Leitrim, is a Canadian Forces Station located in the neighbourhood of Leitrim in Ottawa, Ontario. It is concerned with the interception, decrypting and processing of communication for the Communications Security Establishment Canada and the Canadian Forces, and forms part of the ECHELON system.

The station's motto PACERM PETERE means Research For Peace.[1]


CFS Leitrim, located just south of Ottawa, is Canada's oldest operational signal intelligence collection station. Established by the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals in 1941 as I Special Wireless Station and renamed Ottawa Wireless Station in 1949, CFS Leitrim acquired its current name when the Supplementary Radio System was created in 1966. In 1946, the station's complement was 75 personnel. The current strength is 450 military personnel and 29 civilian employees. [2] [3]


CFS Leitrim provides technical and logistical support to the following units located on the Station:

  • Canadian Forces Information Operations Group Headquarters (CFIOGHQ)
  • Canadian Forces Network Operation Centre (CFNOC)
  • Canadian Forces Signals Intelligence Operations Centre (CFSOC)
  • Joint Information and Intelligence Fusion Centre (JIIFC) Detachment

CFS Leitrim remotely operates equipment at the following intercept stations:


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