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Bushmaster M4 Type Carbine
Bushmaster M4A3 with magazines
Type Carbine Rifle (semi-automatic or select fire)
Place of origin United States
Service history
Used by Over 60 nations[1]
Wars War in Afghanistan (2001–2021)
War in Iraq (2003-2010)
War in South Ossetia (2008)
Production history
Manufacturer Bushmaster Firearms International
Variants M4A2, M4A3, M4 Post-Ban
Weight 2.82 kg (6.22 lb) empty
Length 882.7 mm (34.75 in) (stock extended)
Barrel length 406.4 mm (16 in)

Cartridge .223 Remington

5.56x45mm NATO
6.8 mm Remington SPC

Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire Semi-automatic
(700–950 round/min for fully automatic model)
Feed system Various STANAG Magazines.
Standard with:
  • 30 rounds (5.56x45 mm NATO)
  • 26 rounds(6.8 mm Remington SPC)
  • 26 rounds (7.62 x 39mm)
Sights Adjustable front and rear iron sights

The M4 Type Carbine is a firearm manufactured by Bushmaster Firearms International, modeled on the AR-15 platform.


The M4 Type Carbine is a reproduction of the Colt M4 Carbine, but is usually only semi-automatic for legality within the U.S. civilian market. However, it can be ordered by military or law enforcement organizations with three-round burst or fully automatic capability.[2] The rifle accepts both .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges, and the barrel is hard chrome lined in both the bore and chamber. Unlike the current Colt M4 Carbine which features a 4-position telescopic stock, the Bushmaster has a 6-position stock. It is compatible with most standard AR-15 parts, and has the ability to accept all AR15/M16 type STANAG magazines. It is also one of many different AR-15 rifles Bushmaster manufactures which they have trademarked as "XM-15" rifles.[3]

Bushmaster has also developed a 6.8 mm Remington SPC and a 7.62x39mm version of the rifle, simply named the 6.8mm SPC Rifle and the 7.62x39mm Carbine respectively, as well as a separate upper receiver kit that can be installed on any AR-15 type lower receiver.[4] All variants of the rifle are available in either M4A2 and M4A3 configurations; the difference being the M4A3 has a removable carry handle allowing access to a Picatinny rail for mounting accessories. Similarly, the 6.8mm SPC Rifle is available as either the A2 or the A3. The standard M4 Type Carbine features a permanently fixed "Izzy" flash suppressor attached to a 14.5 in (370 mm) barrel which brings the barrel to a total length of 16 in (410 mm). Bushmaster also produces the Patrolman's Carbine variant which features the more common removable "bird cage" flash suppressor, attached to a 16 in (410 mm) barrel bringing the total barrel length to 17.5 in (440 mm). Both of these comply with current U.S. federal law which states a minimum 16 in (410 mm) barrel for a rifle. There is also a military M4 Type Carbine which comes with a 14.5 in (370 mm) barrel and a removable "bird cage" flash suppressor.[2] The 6.8mm SPC Rifle only comes with a 16 in (410 mm) barrel and a removable "Izzy" flash suppressor.[4]

An M4 Type Post-Ban Carbine was developed for the 1994 United States Federal Assault Weapons Ban requirements. Since the ban expired in 2004, this rifle has essentially been replaced by the M4A2 and M4A3. However, some states in the U.S. have kept these laws, so the rifle is still being produced.

Military users

A Czech special operations soldier in Afghanistan with the M4A3.

The M4 carbine (or similar variants) is currently in service with military and police organizations in over 60 nations around the world.[1]

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