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Bushmaster III
Technical Summary
Caliber: 35 mm/50 (35mm bore, 1.75 meter barrel)
Firearm action: Chain gun
Manufactured by: ATK
Barrel Length: 87.5 inches
Effective Range: ?
Maximum Range: ?
Maximum ROF: 200 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity: ~1300 m/s
Total Weight: 481 lb (218 kg)

The Bushmaster III is an automatic/semi-automatic cannon designed and built by Alliant Techsystems. It is based on the M242 Bushmaster originally developed by Alliant Techsystems. The weapon has been selected as the primary armament of the CV90 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) currently in service by the Danish and Dutch armies.


  • Recoil: 14,000 lb/6300 kg
  • Weight:
Receiver: 150 lb/68 kg
Feeder: 80 lb/36 kg
Barrel: 250 lb/113 kg1
Total: 480 lb/218 kg
  • Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic or 200 spm
  • Power Required: 3.0 horsepower (2.2 kW) at 24 volts
  • Clearing Method: Open Bolt, semi-closed bolt
  • Safety: Absolute hangfire protection
  • Case Ejection: Forward

1 Includes gun barrel, drive motor, recoil system and integral dual feeder.

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