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Burma Gallantry Medal
Burma Gallantry Medal ribbon.PNG
Ribbon bar of the medal
Awarded by the Governor General of Burma
Country British Burma
Type Gallantry decoration
Eligibility Non-Commissioned Officers and other ranks of the Burma Army, the Burma Frontier Force, the Burma Military Police, the Burma Volunteer Air Force and Petty Officers and ratings of the Burma Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
Awarded for Acts of conspicuous gallantry performed in connection with assigned duties
Campaign World War II
Status No longer awarded
Post-nominals BGM
Established 10 May 1940
First awarded 26 March 1942
Last awarded 28 November 1947

The Burma Gallantry Medal (BGM) was a military decoration awarded to non-commissioned Officers and other ranks of the British Burma military, Frontier Force and military police for acts of personal bravery in war or peace.[1] Established by royal warrant in 1940,[2] it was first awarded 26 March 1942 and last awarded 28 November 1947.[3]


The medal 36 mm in diameter, is round and made of silver. The obverse bears the crowned effigy of King George VI facing left with the inscription around the edge GEORGIVS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX ET INDIAE:IMP. The reverse bears a laurel wreath and the inscription "Burma" and "For Gallantry". The medal is suspended from a dark green ribbon with a crimson central stripe.[2]


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