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Brigadgeneral is an officer's rank in Sweden and Finland, immediately above Överste and below Generalmajor. Sweden: The rank was introduced in 2000 to replace the old rank of Överste av 1:a graden (Colonel 1st Class). It is translated officially by the Swedish Army to Brigadier General. However, almost all officers in this rank do not command brigades, regiments or battalions; but take up senior tasks related to administration, staff, education, planning. Each of the (F)HQ units available (see Swedish Armed Forces) supports a unit which is commanded by a Brigadgeneral


Finnish Defence Forces rank of Prikaatinkenraali is comparable to Ranks of NATO armies officers as OF-6. A prikaatikenraali can serve as a commander of a brigade or in senior administrative, staff or planning tasks.

The need for a new rank between kenraalimajuri and eversti came among international missions. Elsewhere in the world some of the duties were assigned to a general officer. Kenraalimajuri would have been too high-ranking for such missions, so in 1994 a rank of prikaatinkenraali was created specifically for high-ranking officers serving abroad. Prikaatinkenraali used to have a one silver lion as an insignia of rank, but in October 1995 the rank's name was changed to prikaatikenraali, the lion was changed to golden and other generals were given one additional lion. Therefore kenraalimajuri has now two lions instead of the previous one.

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