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The Brigade of Guards (sometimes, and less formally, known as the Guards Brigade) is a historical elite unit of the British Army, which has existed sporadically since the 17th century.

Its motto is Honi soit qui mal y pense (Old French), "Shamed be whoever thinks poorly of it", which is also the motto of the Order of the Garter.

The Brigade of Guards was formally reformed on July 14, 1948 as the administrative depot for the regiments of foot guards, in line with the rest of the infantry. In line with the reforms of the army, it was renamed as the Guards Division on July 1, 1968.


A sentry from the Grenadier Guards on duty outside St James's Palace

  • 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards [1656-]
  • 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards [1656-1968]
  • 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards [1760-1961]
  • 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards [1650-]
  • 2nd Battalion, Coldstream Guards [1711-1968]
  • 3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards [1897-1959]
  • 1st Battalion, Scots Guards [1660-]
  • 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards [1689-1968]
  • 1st Battalion, Irish Guards [1900-]
  • 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards [1915-]
  • Guards Machine Gun Regiment [1917-1920]
  • Composite Guards Parachute Battalion [1946-1948]
  • Guards Independent Parachute Company [1948-1968]

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