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Brigade Patrol Troop, RM
Cap Badge of the Royal Marines
Active 1992 - Present
Country  United Kingdom
Branch Royal Navy
Type Advanced Reconnaissance
Role Commando Infantry
Part of Naval Service
Garrison/HQ Stonehouse Barracks
Motto(s) Per Mare Per Terram (By Sea By Land) (Latin)
March Quick - A Life on the Ocean Wave
Slow - Preobrajensky

The Brigade Patrol Troop is a troop of Royal Marines, United Kingdom, under command of the Support Squadron 3 Commando Brigade. The Troop consists of six teams of four men each. They are employed in a reconnaissance role, ahead of the main force collecting information on the enemy and reporting directly back to the Brigade Headquarters. They are often deployed in advance of the brigade.[1]


The Troop was formed in the early 1990s using personnel from the Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre, and attached to HQ 3 Commando Brigade as a Brigade asset. Subsequently they have been employed on all Brigade deployments including Operation TELIC, the British involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and in Afghanistan on Operation Jacana and Operation Herrick.[citation needed]


Operation Country Formation Year
Operation Desert Storm  Republic of Iraq  United Kingdom 1991
Operation Safe Haven  Republic of Iraq  United Kingdom 1991
Operation Veritas  Afghanistan NATO 2001–2002
Operation Jacana  Afghanistan NATO 2002
Operation Telic  Iraq  United Kingdom 2002–2003
Operation Herrick V  Afghanistan NATO 2006

Selection and training

Members of the troop are drawn from the Reconnaissance Operator trade of the Royal Marines, already Commando-qualified, and continue their training to later qualify as Mountain Leaders. The Troop only accepts candidates from the Royal Marines.[citation needed]

Personnel are trained in first aid to a high level of competence; cold weather warfare training; voice and data communications; and reconnaissance patrolling and intelligence collection. Personnel qualify as "Sharpshooters" (snipers), using the L115A1 sniper rifle and carry out basic parachute training at RAF Brize Norton.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 50°21.975′N 4°9.660′W / 50.36625°N 4.161°W / 50.36625; -4.161 (Brigade Patrol Troop RM)

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