Breda M37

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The Breda Modello 37 (M37) was an Italian gun, adopted in 1937. It was the st

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andard heavy machinegun of the Italian Army during the WWII. The M37 was designed as a replacement of problematic Breda 30, proving to be much more efficient in combat. Nevertheless revealed some problems of its predecessor. One of its limitations was the fact that it is fed by 20 munitions loaders and not by tape, which allow for a rapid fire, forcing the garrison had two members in addition to a pointer had ammunition to relocate quickly new boots.

Although production has ended in 1943 remained the standard weapon after the Second World War to be replaced by more modern guns.

The M37 was adopted as the standard heavy machinegun Portuguese Army in 1938. Here it was officially named Breda machine gun m/938. The weapon was later used by Portuguese forces in War Overseas. Mainly mounted on vehicles.



8 x 59 mm RB Breda
Output velocity of the projectile 900 m / s
Effective range 400 m
Weight 17.5 kg
Overall length 1270 mm
Food 20 ammunition loader

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