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Satgas Atbara
Active September 16, 1990 - Present
Country Indonesia
Branch Indonesian Air Force
Type Special operations
Role Counter-Terrorism
Size Classified
Part of Indonesian National Armed Forces Tentara National Indonesia (Indonesian)
Garrison/HQ Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

The Bravo Detachment 90 is a Special Operations unit whose specialists are recruited from the special forces corps unit of Indonesian Air Force, the Paskhas (Pasukan Pemukul Reaksi Cepat) (Rapid Reaction Strike Force). It is the youngest special ops unit of the Indonesian Army. The unit specializes in paralyzes the enemy's heavy equipment.

The unit specialize in hostage rescue involving hijacked airframes.[1][2]

In April, 2008, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, was made an honorary member of the unit.[3][4]


Initially, there were 34 personnel in Bravo: 1 commanding officer, 3 group commander, and 30 troops. No information ever released about this unit from its limited formation until the end of the 1990s. In this vacuum era, it is believed that its members were assigned into Kopaskhasaus Demonstration and Training Unit (Satdemolat). It was September 9, 1999 this special forces detachment was formally established.

Bravos personnel were recruited from the best graduates of Paskhas training in the Air Force. About 5 to 10 best Paskhas graduates are recruited for this elite unit each year. To train its anti-terror techniques, the unit also trains at Armys Sat-81 Gultor (Kopassus) GMF facility and airplane hostage rescue trainings, Marines Denjaka facility for off-shore airfields infiltration and attack trainings, Navy's KOPASKA facility for underwater demolition trainings, Police's Detasemen Gegana facility for anti-bomb unit trainings and British Special Air Service Regiment for direct action, counter-terrorism, special intelligence and HALO/HAHO skills.


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