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Bravery Medal

Obverse of medal and ribbon
Awarded by Australia
Type Medal
Eligibility Australian citizen
Awarded for Acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances[1]
Status Currently awarded
Post-nominals BM
Established 14 February 1975
First awarded 1976
Last awarded 2013 Bravery Honours
Total awarded 1,076[2]
Order of Wear
Next (higher) Medal for Gallantry (MG)
Next (lower) Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)
Related Star of Courage (SC)
Commendation for Brave Conduct

The Bravery Medal (BM) is a bravery decoration awarded to Australians.[1] It is awarded for acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.[1] The BM was created in February 1975.[1] The decorations recognise acts of bravery by members of the community. They selflessly put themselves in jeopardy to protect the lives or property of others. It is ranked third of the Australian bravery decorations in the Australian Honours System. Recipients of the Bravery Medal are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "BM".[1]



The Bravery Medal is a circular bronze medal ensigned with the Crown of Saint Edward. It is surmounted with the shield and crest of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms. The Federation Star is above the shield, which is contained in a circular zig-zag border.[1]

Bar and ribbon

The medal is suspended from a ribbon by a bar inscribed "For Bravery".[1] The ribbon is 32 mm wide and has 15 alternating stripes of blood-red and magenta representing the colours of venous and arterial blood.[1]


The Australian Government "It's an Honour" database contains 1,104 entries of people who have been awarded the medal.

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