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Borko Paštrović
Place of birth Kragujevac, Principality of Serbia (modern Serbia)
Years of service 1904–12
Rank lieutenant
Battles/wars Macedonian Struggle, First Balkan War

Borko Paštrović (Борко Паштровић; April 12, 1875—December 18, 1912) was a Serbian Chetnik commander and Serbian artillery major.


Paštrović was born in Kragujevac, Principality of Serbia (now Serbia) on April 12, 1875. After finishing six years of gymnasium in Kruševac, he finished the Military Academy in Belgrade. As a lieutenant in the Kragujevac četa (band) he participated in the Battle on Čelopek (April 16, 1905), alongside commanders Doksim Mihailović, Savatije Milošević, Lazar Kujundžić, Vojislav Tankosić, Aksentije Bacetović and Pavle Mladenović. He participated in the First Balkan War, in which he commanded an artillery detachment of the Serbian Army. In Lješ, on the Adriatic, they clashed with Essad Pasha who tried to withdraw from Scutari after a long siege. Paštrović died in the clash on December 18, 1912.



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