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Bombing of Wukro
Part of Tigray War
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Location of Wukro in Ethiopia
Location Wukro (Lua error in Module:Unicode_data at line 468: attempt to index field 'scripts' (a boolean value).), Tigray Region, Ethiopia
Date 16 November 2020
Target Tigrayans
Attack type
Deaths 14 civilians

Ethiopia Ethiopian National Defence Force

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Armed Forces

The bombing of Wukro was a mass extrajudicial killing that took place in Wukro (Lua error in Module:Unicode_data at line 468: attempt to index field 'scripts' (a boolean value).) in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia during the Tigray War, on 16 November 2020.[1] Wukro is a mid-sized town, capital of woreda Kilte Awulaelo, Eastern zone of Tigray.


Ahead of the Ethiopian National Defense Force and Eritrean Defence Forces arrival in late November 2020, heavy bombing levelled homes and businesses in Wukro (Eastern Tigray) and sent plumes of dust and smoke rising above near-deserted streets on 16 November 2021.[2] People were hiding in their houses and 14 civilians [1] were killed in the bombing that involved the intervention of the Ethiopian Airforce and "Pterosaurus" drones, launched by the United Arab Emirates from its base in Assab in Eritrea. The Chinese-made, armed drones bombed Tigrayan towns and defence forces.[3] EEPA has provided a summarised translation of the Chinese article.[4]

Bird's eye view on Wukro


Analysts interpreted the identity of the perpetrators of drone attacks as United Arab Emirates,[4] and locals identified airplanes that carried out the bombings as belonging to the Ethiopian Airforce.


The “Tigray: Atlas of the humanitarian situation” mentions 14 victims.[1] Many victims have been identified, but, as Wukro is a martyr town, affected by every phase of the Tigray war,[2] often the specific event in which victims died is not known yet.[5]


The series of massacres in Wukro received international attention in media articles.[2] The “Tigray: Atlas of the humanitarian situation”,[1] that documented this massacre received international media attention, particularly with regard its Annex A, that lists the massacres.[6][7][8][9]


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